A Low Cost Hardware and Software Platform for Situational Awareness of Autonomous Vehicles

Lead Participant: Aptcore Limited


This project will assess the feasibility of providing a low cost hardware and software platform for provision of

collision avoidance and situational awareness capability to autonomous vehicles. The system envisaged will

comprise of a set of licensable hardware designs together with the necessary software applications and

developer configuration tools, to enable non-experts to implement and configure a system suitable for their

pod or other autonomous vehicle. This will greatly lower the barrier to entry into the autonomous vehicle

market, bringing the benefits of increased competition and lower price. This would be the first offering of its

kind, and could be considered an innovative, possibly groundbreaking product if it proves feasible. The project

will bring together some of AptCore's existing IP, function libraries and exampe applications, and build on

these, adding further capability and a user configuration tool to attempt to implement a situational awareness

system with collision avoidance suitable for a small electric vehicle e.g. a pod.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Aptcore Limited, BRISTOL £174,850 £ 122,395


10 25 50