Innovative 5G services for Smart Vertical Cities

Lead Participant: Trusted Renewables Ltd


In January 2015 the Straits Times reported that new 5G mobile developments are being shaped in

Singapore, where lack of space means building a “Vertical City”upwards. This supports their drive to

become a smart nation. “Mainstream” 5G will have very large capacity, high throughput and ultra-low

latency. However, new IoT services will involve masses of secure low-power Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

devices which need very little of this capacity to send data to a hub.

We will hold workshops with our Singapore partners to explore how these requirements interplay with

business cases of key stakeholders to justify investment in smart 5G infrastructure. We think new 5G

standards may emerge to support different business models and value-chain players.

Our team has considerable international R&D expertise covering all cutting edge technologies including

Mobile, Wireless, M2M, IoT, Cyber Security, and Smart Energy.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Trusted Renewables Ltd, SAXMUNDHAM £25,000 £ 25,000


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