Newcastle City Integration of Surface Water Management and Transport Enhancment Plans

Lead Participant: Northumbrian Water Limited


Newcastle Upon Tyne is a Blue/Green Infrastructure (BGI) demonstration city. Blue/Green cities aim to

reintroduce the natural water cycle into urban environments by encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation

between city services and can achieve environmental, ecological, socio-cultural and economic benefits. This

project will use Blue/Green principles to integrate the Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP), which was

created in partnership between Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL), Newcastle City Council (NCC) and the

Environment Agency (EA), with the NCC’s Transport Infrastructure Enhancement Plan (TEP). The key objective

of this innovative approach is to increase the likelihood of the successful delivery of opportunities and benefits

identified within the respective plans such as enhance the resilience of the transport infrastructure in

Newcastle, reduce the risk of flooding and improve the health and well being of the people who utilise the city.

This feasibility study will investigate the interventions identified in each plan within a robust and cost effective

framework that considers a wider range of benefits and opportunities.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Northumbrian Water Limited, Durham £51,800 £ 25,900


Newcastle City Council, United Kingdom £21,657 £ 21,657


10 25 50