PEnDAR - Performance ENsurance by Design, Analysing Requirements


With society’s increasing dependence on ICT, the need for means to predict and assure the performance of

critical infrastructure grows.

Today, the performance of large-scale CPS and System of Systems is often an unplanned emergent property

that can vary substantially during operational lifetime. Although this hazard is sometimes validated as part of

system commissioning, it often it finds its way into deployed systems, substantially impinging on the their long

term usefulness as well as increasing their total lifetime costs.

There are mature mathematical techniques to capture, validate and verify the performance (and resource cost)

of such systems. This feasibility study aims to investigate the technical issues of how to most effectively

incorporate these techniques into the workflow of organisations so that they can extract the benefits.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Predictable Network Solutions Limited, LONDON £46,485 £ 32,540


Test and Verification Solutions Limited, BRISTOL £24,021 £ 16,815


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