TUPROOFS - Thermal under PV roofing SIP


The TUPROOFS project investigates novel methods of utilising PV and Solar Thermal technologies on roofs for new build residential and commercial and for refurbishment at Passivhaus levels of energy performance and grid parity. It also looks at the use of the technology for on-site deployment, for export as IPR and as a way of delivering energy for rural areas in developing countries with the promise of enabling local industry, employment, light and communication and thus delay migration to cities and developed countries. It is expected the partners will create a JV at the end of the project to exploit the technology and knowledge developed.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Telemetry Associates Limited, Diss £34,544 £ 24,181


Eco Design Consultants Limited, Milton Keynes £30,747 £ 21,522
University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom £99,996
Flint Engineering Ltd, MAYFIELD £34,709 £ 24,296


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