Field Variability Assessment Tool

Lead Participant: Precision Decisions Limited


The Variability Assessment Tool is an cost efficient online tool that exploits the use of satellite Earth Observation (EO) imagery to highlight field crop variability.

Typically field variance can be caused by long-term fundamental properties of the field (eg. soil types, terrain, topography, exposure), mid-length manageable properties (eg. nutrient levels, soil structure), and in-season uncontrollable factors (eg. climate, weather events, infestation). Management of variability is complex because many of these factors affect each other in different ways to create an overall yield variability. True variability management requires the identification of the different key factors in a field, and then an appropriate management strategy to minimise the effect on yields. This project will enable farmers across the UK to make smarter decisions about their investment in precision farming technology and services. It seeks to give all farmers a chance to experience the benefit of using EO imagery and demystify the use of this technology within the agricultural sector without the risk of heavy investment.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Precision Decisions Limited, YORK £90,235 £ 63,165


Satellite Applications Catapult Limited, Didcot £38,251 £ 38,250


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