Porous Impant Bioactive Coating (PIBaC)

Lead Participant: Jri Orthopaedics Limited


After years of work funded by Innovate UK, a UK partnership of two SMEs, JRI Orthopaedics and GTS are looking to scale up a new functional coating for orthopaedic implants. This will combine two successful technologies: 1) bioactive glasses and 2) 3D printed implants with complex shapes. This project will enable JRI to expand the range of its joint replacements to include highly-complex implants that are tailored to an individual. This is often required if an existing implant has begun to fail and needs to removed, or if the anatomy is unusual, such as after an accident or any growth abnormalities from birth.
This project will allow the partners to check that what works in the lab can be made in large enough quantitities for it to be sold around the world. Then JRI, who already sell its own implants around the world, will ensure it gets the necesssary approval to be able to launch across the globe.
This partnership will be able to make and sell these implants completely - starting with raw materials all the way through to the final sales: hopefully another Made in Britain success story.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Jri Orthopaedics Limited, SHEFFIELD £83,817 £ 50,290


Glass Technology Services Ltd, Sheffield £66,077 £ 46,254


10 25 50