Ferrous By-product Recycling Using Microwave Technology (FERMAT)


The project aims to use microwave technology in new ground breaking processes to transform unuseable ferrous process by products into a high value raw material that can be re-used in the steel making process, thus creating value for the partners, improving resource resilience, reducing environmental impact and increasing business sustainability. It is envisaged that a successful outcome will have significant economic impact across a broad range of industrial sectors as the technology gains acceptance.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Sexton Materials Research Limited, Cardiff £69,069 £ 48,348


Teledyne E2v (UK) Limited, Essex £38,797 £ 19,395
Darlow Lloyd & Sons Limited, NR BRIDGEND £45,294 £ 27,177
Swansea University, United Kingdom £28,762 £ 28,762
Tata Steel UK Holdings Limited, London, £127,000 £ 63,500
University of Nottingham £41,806 £ 41,806


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