Durable plasma reactor electrodes with nanoceramic coating

Lead Participant: Perlemax Limited


Plasma processing is widespread for high performance materials, but has increasing applications for chemical products and intermediates. For the most common type of plasma reactor -- the dielectric barrier discharge -- to be durable for the continuous production of chemicals over a long lifetime, the dielectric coating must be robust in material selection, but also is subject to tight tolerance restrictions on the uniformity and thickness of the coating, particularly for multiplexed microreactors. Very few of an array of such microreactors will "fire" unless these tolerances are met. This proposal is to explore the application of a novel coating with appropriate materials to achieve the necessary level of tolerance and durability, and will test the plasma microreactor fidelity and performance on an exemplar application to produce ozone-rich microbubbles for cleaning, sterilisation, and gas transfer purposes, in the first instance, related to "green" laundry machines.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Perlemax Limited, SHEFFIELD £105,796 £ 74,057


Cambridge Nanolitic Limited, SUFFOLK £52,483 £ 36,738
The Victoria University of Manchester £67,476 £ 67,476


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