Second Life Batteries for Domestic Electricity Storage - International Feasibility Study

Lead Participant: Powervault Ltd


Powervault are a UK leader in cost-effective distributed electricity storage, helping residents maximise their

usage of onsite renewable energy, reducing their electricity bills and alleviating strains on the local distribution

network. Since inception in 2012 they have sold >250 of their core product, secured partnerships with national

distributors and gained recognition from a range of organisations; Nesta, Innovate UK, Climate KIC.

Powervault seeks to undertake a 3 month feasibility study evaluating the potential for its innovative Second

Life Batteries ("SLB") concept in target international markets. PV proposes a complimentary package of

activities designed to more clearly ascertain the opportunity available. Proposed study activities will provide a

valuable information base from which to inform export strategy and guide development of an international

supply chain.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Powervault Ltd, London, United Kingdom £29,850 £ 20,895


10 25 50