Robust Decentralised Low Energy Faecal Sludge Dewatering leading to Sustainable Energy Resource, Sanitation ,and Clean Water

Lead Participant: Natural Synergies Limited


Natural Synergies (NS) together with partners University of Strathclyde, Practical Action and Blue Vine

Consultants are involved in a project that concerns faecal sludge dewatering/treatment leading to energy

security/generation, sanitation utilising locally available resource and GHG emission savings. NS aims in this

technical/financial feasibility study is to develop stand-alone dewatering process for rural UK/EU, increasing

energy efficiency/generation, reducing transport costs/carbon footprint and in developing countries (DC) as a

low cost faecal sludge management using for decentralised/localised sanitation and in both cases leading to an

integrated AD based off-grid energy generation, localised sanitation with clean pathogen free water and

sustainable fertiliser. The system once developed will aim at reducing cost of water treatment in UK/EU for

savings to be passed on to the end-user; whilst in DC it will encourage creation of an entrepreneurial

partnership, womens empowerment and security in the overall FSM supply chain and towards non-specialised

component manufacture if possible using local industries leading to job creation in the UK/EU and in DC.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Natural Synergies Limited, MIDDLESBROUGH £181,100 £ 119,761


Practical Action, Rugby £48,484 £ 48,484
University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom £41,776
Blue Vine Consulting Limited, Birmingham £36,622 £ 25,635


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