Combined Steam and Radial Turbine Expander for Waste Heat Recovery (COSTART)

Lead Participant: Hieta Technologies Ltd


This project investigates the technical feasibility of creating a combined steam and radial turbine expander and integrated electric machine to enable step-change emissions reductions and efficiency improvements from waste heat recovery systems. The consortium will carry out conceptual design work, manufacture a prototype and carry out some limited bench testing of the turbine and e-machine in order to assess its technical feasibility, and make recommendations for future development as well as an assessment of commercial feasibility.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Hieta Technologies Ltd, WOKINGHAM £91,806 £ 64,264


Axes Design Limited, MALVERN £90,529 £ 63,370
University of Bath, Bath £210,621 £ 210,621
Equipmake Limited, NORWICH, United Kingdom £70,034 £ 49,024


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