A feasibility study on a low cost drone detection radar system

Lead Participant: Navtech Radar Limited


Navtech radar will explore novel applications of micro-Doppler and FMCW radar in order to investigate the feasibility of producing a radar system that will successfully detect Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/Drones) with near-hemispherical detection. Innovative techniques will be used to provide differentiation between drones and birds so as to reduce false alarms as much as possible. Navtech provide security solutions to a wide range of industries including nuclear power plants, airports, prisons and other areas of critical national infrastructure, and have been made increasingly aware of the risk that drones pose to sites. Affecting health and safety of passengers in and around airports, carrying contraband into prisons, and potentially carrying explosives or recording devices into high security sites, the threat of increasing drone use is a problem that must be met with an effective, commercially viable solution.

Lead Participant

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Navtech Radar Limited, WANTAGE £99,377 £ 69,564


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