Printed 2-Dimensional graphene-related materials for ubiquitous gas sensors

Lead Participant: DZP Technologies Limited


This feasibility study proposes the development and demonstration of printable gas sensors based on 2-Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (2D-TMD). These materials belong to the group of graphene-related materials because similarly to graphene, they can exfoliated into monolayers of unusual properties. In contrast to graphene, the 2D-TMDs are semiconductors and they have a tunable band gap. As a result, they are useful candidates for gas sensing applications. In industrial context, the proposed 2D-TMD sensors have the potential to disrupt existing approaches. The new gas sensors will be thin, flexible, low-cost, and in many cases, disposable. This creates new applications and opportunities for integrating these sensors in smart phones, wearables, biosensors and medical diagnostics, and connecting with the Internet of Things. The proposed sensors will be used in future by system integrators and combined with many other sensors to increase the functionalities and value of the future smart systems, and implement new business models.

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DZP Technologies Limited, Cambridge, United Kingdom


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