Intelligent Hormone Sciences menopause symptom and serum sample smart-app tracker


Intelligent Hormone Sciences Ltd are developing a new approach to the management of women's health prior, during and after menopause. Our aim is to eliminate every preventable consequence of menopause for all women by using emerging technology and sensors to provide a safer, self-managed hormone replacement therapy. Currently, there is no single product which accurately tracks menopause symptoms and links these to hormone levels. Our mission is to develop the first non-invasive, hormone monitoring wearable device, linked up to a smart app user interface for accessible and useful reporting for women. Doctors will be able to accurately prescribe the appropriate hormone dosage a woman needs to relieve her symptoms safely. Innovative design is key to our mission; creating a smart, sleek, consumer-friendly and beautiful product for middle aged women. We want to democratise women’s health and bring it to the forefront of the consumer health market. An intelligent, data-driven approach to sex hormone deficiency and menopause.

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Intelligent Hormone Sciences Ltd, London £95,208 £ 66,646


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