Enhanced water quality for aquaculture via surface engineered diffusers

Lead Participant: Perlemax Limited


This project seeks to address water quality issues in the waste water and aquaculture industry (i.e. fish and

shell fish farming) by the application of a novel aeration technology originally developed for the hydrogen fuel

cell industry. The technology consists of devices for the rapid generation, mixing and beak down of

microbubbles in water. Specifically, the project will demonstrate the duel feasibility of oxygenation and

ammonia removal from water by hot air stripping. Both these processes are much needed by the lucrative

and rapidly expanding global aquaculture industry in order to improve process water quality and thus, the

health, quality and value of contained fish and shell fish stocks.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Perlemax Limited, SHEFFIELD £109,714 £ 76,800


University of Chester, United Kingdom £32,548 £ 32,548


10 25 50