Nano-carbon Coatings by Electrophoretic Technologies

Lead Participant: DZP Technologies Limited


This is a collaborative project which will integrate nano-carbon materials with electrophoretic deposition (EPD)

to create a truly unique coatings technology which meets today’s critical challenges of the coatings industry.

The new EPD technology will use aqueous colloidal electrolytes which are compliant with stringent REACH

regulations and eliminate the use of toxic solvents and materials. Additionally, the new technology will enable

the uniform and controlled coating of graphene nano-carbons on complex 3D and internal shapes, by means of

digital modelling and simulation, which is currently impossible to achieve by other methods. The obtained

nano-carbon coatings will be studied for their anti-corrosion properties, and in future may find further

applications as thermal and conductive coatings, as well as energy storage components. The project will

demonstrate the new technology in both laboratory and industrial environment.

Lead Participant

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DZP Technologies Limited, Cambridge, United Kingdom


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