Aerospace coatings to enable Ti-Alloy bearing surfaces in Biomedical prosthetics (ATAB)


Wallwork HT are innovators in coating technology for applications across industrial and medical sectors. In this proposed programme they have teamed up with University of Leeds, Institute of Functional Surfaces because of their expertise in Surface Engineering and Tribology. The team, with complementary skills will develop and assess a duplex coating treatment for Ti alloys that uses technology developed for landing gear in aerospace applications and translates it to the biomedical sector for tribological applications. There are many potential implantable devices either commercially available or in the development stage that could benefit from being able to use a surface engineered Ti alloy to ensure that the surface does not wear excessively.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Wallwork Heat Treatment Limited, LANCASHIRE £105,001 £ 52,500


University of Leeds, United Kingdom £44,070 £ 44,070


10 25 50