Non-Intrusive Vehicle Monitoring System ("NiVMS")

Lead Participant: Autotrip Ltd


The Non-intrusive vehicle monitoring system (NiVMS) project is a collaboration between AutoTrip, an innovative UK start up specialising in automated business mileage reporting, and E-Car Club, the UK's first fully electric vehicle car club and member of the Europcar Group. Collectively the consortium bring a combined decade's worth of experience in the connected automotive sector, and boasts a strong track record in technological innovation especially with regards to delivery of software projects. This 18 month technical project seeks to establish the technical and commercial potential of harnessing machine learning intelligence to improve operational efficiencies and where possible achieve cost savings in the UK's business fleet sector.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Autotrip Ltd, LONDON £196,349 £ 137,444


E-Car Club Ltd, London £48,322 £ 24,161


10 25 50