Quantum-based secure communication for CAVs

Lead Participant: Crypta Labs Limited


The security of confidential information relies upon strong encryption processes. The weakest link in existing encryption systems is their reliance on numbers which aren’t truly random, which makes them vulnerable to hacking. Crypta Labs has developed a quantum random number generator (QRNG), which is based on randomness derived from light. A photon is an elementary particle of light (a “quantum”) which acts in a totally random way. The behaviour of photons can be used to derive a true random number to underpin encryption. It has been widely documented that modern, highly connected, vehicles can be hijacked with just a laptop computer and publicly available software. This feasibility project aims to assesses the technical and commercial feasibility of applying Crypta Lab’s QRNG technology to connected and autonomous vehicles, allowing Crypta Labs to start commercialising its technology post completion of this project.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Crypta Labs Limited, London £79,122 £ 55,385


Coventry University, United Kingdom £58,528 £ 58,528


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