Unravelling &addressing orthopaedics & prosthetics problems by human-centred design


InnoTecUK is a fast growing SME developing innovative solutions for robotic and automated inspection and monitoring of equipment and assets in various industries. InnoTec seeks to expand its innovation activities to the medical device sector; developing innovative robots and robotic systems addressing the needs of patients and medical professionals.This early-stage design project gives InnoTecUK the opportunity to adopt the double-diamond design model to discover problems and needs of patients and medical professionals, especially issues related to the ageing society, and responding to them by defining and refining value propositions addressing selected needs; i.e. how robotic technologies may contribute.The medical device sector constitutes one of the main sectors to have benefited from advancement in additive manufacturing (AM). Brunel Innovation Centre will support InnoTecUK build AM design capibility which will be used to develop and test digital designs of the selected value propositions. The developed capabilities will enhance InnoTec's capacity to deliver innovative medical devices post-project completion. Successful project will transform InnoTec's innovation culture from responsive incremental to tested step change design-driven approach.

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Innovative Technology and Science Limited, CAMBRIDGE


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