QUEST - Quantum Entangled Source


The possibility to exchange a cryptographic key secured by the laws of quantum physics is rapidly leaving the academic laboratories and entering our everyday life, with commercial devices currently available. These, typically, rely on the propagation of quantum states of light in dedicated optical fibres. However, the unavoidable fibre loss is limiting the maximum distance achievable to roughly a hundred miles. This limitation could be overcome by exploiting satellite quantum communication. Different governments and funding agencies, such as China and the European Space Agency, are currently investigating this possibility. The main component for satellite quantum communication is the source of quantum light. In this project, we want to evaluate the feasibility of a commercial product for the generation of the necessary quantum states of light able to be deployed on a satellite. By combining Optocap's expertise in the packaging of optical components for space applications and Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics know-how in quantum technologies, we aim at defining the route towards the first commercialisation of a source of entangled photons for satellite quantum communication.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Alter Technology Tuv Nord UK Limited, Livingston £162,157 £ 81,079


Fraunhofer UK Research Limited, Glasgow, United Kingdom £130,105 £ 130,105


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