Technical and Commercial Feasibility of Quantum Radar and Lidar

Lead Participant: QinetiQ Limited


Radar and its optical counterpart, lidar, are well established and widely used technologies. The first is typically exploited for long-range detection, while lidar, operating at visible to near infrared wavelengths, offers improved resolution yet at a shorter distance. With the recent advances in quantum technologies, we can now investigate the feasibility of using quantum metrology in radar and lidar systems. While proof of principle results show the possibility to exploit quantum detection and illumination (e.g. entangled photons) to increase radar/lidar resolution and sensitivity, it is not clear yet if real systems can actually benefit from these achievements. This study will assess if the available quantum technology is mature enough, or is likely to mature, to increase the performance of radar and lidar with respect to the classical state-of-the-art, or achieve the same performances with reduced size/power consumption? This study will consider the most advanced results for quantum radar/lidar schemes and quantum devices for use in realistic situations. This answer will allow an understanding of whether quantum radar/lidar systems are a valuable commercial development worthy of further investigation and investment by UK companies.

Lead Participant

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QinetiQ Limited, Farnborough £60,760 £ 30,368


Fraunhofer UK Research Limited, Glasgow, United Kingdom £55,643 £ 55,643


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