Enhancing Metal Uptake in Soya Crops

Lead Participant: P. I. Bioscience Limited


Soya is an important crop best known as a source of protein in food production it is however also the primary source of material used to produce biodiesel. Over 30% of the world’s soya is grown in South America from where Europe imports 97% of its soya. Increasing global demand for soya for food and bioenergy production, coupled with concerns over the environmental impact and sustainability of South American production (deforestation, loss of biodiversity and pollution), are driving demands to increase soya yields for a given land area. Soya requires a constant supply of nutrients to ensure the growth of a healthy, high yield, crop. Of particular concern is calcium since deficiency in this element is a serious problem that leaves soya susceptible to pathogens and reduced yields. The aims of this project are to develop new calcium-containing nutrient formulations, and to enhance technology to monitor calcium uptake and distribution in soya plants. This will increase the yield of soy crops resulting in a decrease in land needed.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

P. I. Bioscience Limited, Harpenden £49,976 £ 34,983


Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom £29,366 £ 29,366
Croda Europe Limited, EAST YORKSHIRE £19,954 £ 9,977


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