Entrust Smart Home Microgrid

Lead Participant: Entrust Microgrid Llp


The project will develop an innovative smart home microgrid (Ensmarthome) with integrated solar PV and energy storage system, aiming to maximise self-consumption of domestic solar PV power and significantly reduce end-user’s energy bill. Ensmarthome will significantly reduce domestic peak power demand on the electricity grid, allow more solar PV installation under current electricity grid regulations, which will brings maximum benefit to the electricity grid and the public. Ensmarthome enables both on-grid and island operation of domestic solar PV system, which is absolutely essential for homeowners in developing countries where electricity grids are often unreliable or unavailable. Success of the project will facilitate further large scale installation of domestic solar PV system both in the UK and globally based on its significant benefit to the end-users and the public. Success of the project will promote the UK smart grid business and create/secure high tech/value jobs in the UK. The innovative technology will play a key role in tackling energy security, reducing cost of energy, battling CO2 emission and climate change.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Entrust Microgrid Llp, Lancaster £97,268 £ 68,000


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