Lead Participant: Printed Electronics Limited


The 3DP-Harness project is industrial research to develop a demonstrator for an innovative technology for the robotic manufacture and installation of wiring harnesses through digital and additive manufacturing. This solution would revolutionise one of the last labour intensive elements of high value manufacturing. The SME partners, CEL and PEL, are UK SMEs in the high tech manufacturing sector. Amphenol Invotec are the UK's leading PCB manufacturer with an especially strong focus in defence, aero and space sectors. The initial customers for this technology are Tier 1 aerospace suppliers due to the specific advantages of the technology.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Printed Electronics Limited, United Kingdom £116,583 £ 81,608


C EnterpriSE (UK) Limited, Bristol £141,848 £ 99,294
Amphenol Invotec Limited, Tamworth £39,136 £ 23,482


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