IMproving Power bAttery Cooling Technologies (IMPACT)


"The IMPACT project will address the need for power-dense batteries for low and zero emission hybrid powertrains. Lead partner Arcola Energy is developing zero emission powertrains for buses and commercial vehicles .

The project will explore the feasibility of integrating innovative thermal management technologies. Partners Reaction Engines and Flint Engineering have developed heat exchange technologies for aerospace and built environment that offer benefits to battery cooling, and Imperial College London have demonstrated a novel cooling approach.

The IMPACT project will assess the technical and commercial feasibility of these technologies applied to module and pack designs. Drawing on leading academic expertise from Imperial College and Brunel University the partners will explore the technical requirements and cooling approaches and test in the lab.

The project team will carry out a cost benefit analysis of the technologies to assess the business case for implementation in power battery modules and packs and will plan the next stage of development and commercialisation."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ballard Motive Solutions Ltd., London £154,521 £ 108,165


Brunel University London, Uxbridge £84,711 £ 84,711
Imperial College London, United Kingdom £129,049 £ 129,049
Reaction Engines Limited £109,894 £ 65,936
Flint Engineering Ltd, MAYFIELD £116,114 £ 81,280


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