Feasibility research into composite carbon electrodes for Sodium-ion batteries

Lead Participant: Deregallera Ltd


"Batteries are key to our mobile way of life, they store electrical energy and can deliver at times when it is needed. Most high-performance batteries rely on lithium; a reactive and scarce metal. Barriers to market for alternative metal ion batteries come from their reduced level of energy storage, which reduces the ability of the battery to power devices.

This is a one year project which aims to create a novel battery made with sodium-ion, rather than the current state of the art lithium-ion. It will have similar performance to lithium, but with a fraction of the raw material costs of lithium.

The project will exploit prior and ongoing battery research between Deregallera's proven track record in development of novel battery technologies, and project partner University of Southampton's experience which spans over several decades."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Deregallera Ltd £286,345 £ 200,442


University of Southampton, United Kingdom £123,065 £ 123,065


10 25 50