Orthopaedic Surgical TRaining with Virtual Reality (OySTeR-VR)

Lead Participant: Mativision Limited


"Feasibility project to enable the design and evaluation of one module, containing a minimum of five complete operations, to start off the comprehensive VR content library for orthopaedic surgery training to meet the requirements of healthcare professionals within NHS, Universities and elsewhere. The project is a collaboration between Mativision Limited and the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT).

Other key tasks include:

1. project related enhancements on Mativision's proprietary VLIPP online distribution platform architecture (user authentication, payment, analytics, instructor dashboard and trainee evaluation/assessment),
2. evaluating Mativision's proprietary VR-in-the-Classroom (VRinCR) platform as a means to deliver VR-based medical training in a classroom environment,
3. devising ways where the development and maintenance of such specialist VR platforms and VR-based material can become educationally and commercially sustainable for all involved parties."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Mativision Limited, Finchley £53,260 £ 37,282


Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester £21,731 £ 21,731


10 25 50