HAVEN - Home as a Virtual Energy Network

Lead Participant: Krakenflex Limited


"EV batteries can provide significant flexibility to the grid and hence value to the consumer, but this must be considered in the context of consumers' wider lifestyle and systems. HAVEN will examine the value that V2G and V2H (vehicle-to-home) enabled EVs can provide to consumers within the context of other energy storage systems (e.g. LI-Ion batteries attached to solar PV arrays; thermal storage via hot water tanks) in the home.

HAVEN will address questions such as:

* The value that V2G-enabled EVs can create by providing flexibility services to the system operator, distribution networks and energy suppliers.
* How this value varies when EV batteries are combined with other home energy storage systems.
* How value varies across different energy consumption and generation patterns, different driving and commute patterns, etc.
* How value varies with different use cases for sharing energy between home energy systems.

It will do this by creating robust models of a variety of home energy storage configurations, and using these to determine the value each configuration can create when providing services to the energy system.

HAVEN will then test the models against the unique facility of the Salford Energy House (a Victorian terraced house in a climate-controlled chamber), ensuring that they robustly capture the dynamics of different use cases across a range of weather and other factors. This will ensure that the models and resulting consumer propositions accurately reflect the value that can be captured by consumers and the energy system in real world conditions.

This will create a unique set of models demonstrating the value V2G-enabled EVs can create for consumers within the wider context of their homes and lifestyles. It will provide unique insight into potential customer propositions and business models for V2G, and also into the algorithms that must be developed to capture and exploit this value within Upside Energy's cloud service that orchestrates distributed energy storage resources and delivers their flexibility to the grid."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Krakenflex Limited, NORTHWICH £97,875 £ 68,512


Good Energy Limited, Chippenham, United Kingdom £47,336 £ 23,668
University of Salford(The), Salford £54,574 £ 54,574
Honda Motor Europe Limited, Berkshire £17,820 £ 8,910


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