Novel Distributed Sensors Network Integrated With IOT For Industrial Asset Integrity Monitoring

Lead Participant: Corrosion Radar Limited


CORROSION RADAR (CR) LIMITED strives to be a global leader in remote sensing technologies and advanced analytics systems for smart infrastructures. Monitoring the Corrosion and Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) that can cause catastrophic failures and major downtime for many sectors, are the main focus of the company. Most of the current practises of corrosion detection uses a reactive approach and manual non-destructive techniques and risk management where limited data is available. The key technical innovation proposed in this project is a CUI monitoring sensor distributed system with the IoT infrastructure.

The primary mission of the CR technology is to reduce maintenance cost without compromising on the safety of people, assets and environment. This will also lead to reducing downtime and can equally be applied to many sectors such as Oil & Gas, renewables, chemical and thermal power plants and nuclear.

In this project, CR in collaboration with the industry-led Innovation Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems (CENSIS), is proposing technical feasibility study towards an IoT infrastructure (including the hardware, power and connectivity solutions) that will enable data from the CR distributed sensors network and other data streams, to be processed and arrive as actionable info to the end user. The efficiencies are created through reducing the barrier to large scale deployment of CR sensors, and enabling a predictive maintenance regime to the industrial asset management.

This is very valuable for safety critical assets and operation in different sectors which help in avoiding catastrophic failures and major downtime. It will assist an asset manager to plan maintenance reducing operation cost.

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