Black Soldier Fly Larvae as bio converter: Food Waste Assessment Framework including fish feed performance trials

Lead Participant: Inspro Ltd


"This project seeks to demonstrate that organic food wastes can be commercially converted to high quality protein using bioconverters, and develop a framework to assess wastes for their potential value.

* Protein is in the spotlight. It is essential for a healthy diet, yet the way we currently produce and consume it is having a negative impact on the environment and human health, which will only increase without concerted effort. There are serious questions around whether we will be able to provide sufficient protein sustainably for a further two billion people by 2040\.
* We aim to show how organic food wastes can be used to feed insects such as Black Solider Fly Larvae (BSFL) to produce a protein source which can in turn be used as a protein source in animal feed, primarily aquaculture due to the recent legislation changes (June 2017) which permits feeding to fish."

Lead Participant

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Inspro Ltd, Nottingham £59,456 £ 41,619


University of Liverpool, United Kingdom £23,823 £ 23,823


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