Real-Time Air Quality and People Movement Data for Worcester (Proof of Concept)

Lead Participant: Citi Logik Limited


"Citi Logik will be using anonymised mobile network data (MND) from Vodafone and the latest generation of pollution sensors to map the movement of people around Worcester City Centre against pollution levels of a key pollutant (nitrogen dioxide) in real-time.

For the pilot project, we will be using 4 sensors at key locations and mapping this data against MND on the Citi Watch online portal. These sensors will be procured from EarthSense, a market leading provider of pollution sensors. EarthSense Zephyr sensors are lightweight, robust and cost-effective and provide data in real-time.

This will enable Worcestershire County Council, Worcestershire Regulatory Services and other key stakeholders to monitor levels of air pollution across the city in real-time for the first time, whilst allowing measures to be taken to mitigate the impact on the population of Worcester, as well as implement new air quality management measures. The effectiveness of any mitigation strategies will be assessed in real-time.

We will be working with the Transport Systems Catapult to assess the impact of any changes in air quality measured during the study period and the potential health benefits to the citizens of Worcester.

Should the proof of concept prove to be successful, we will be working with our partners to investigate how this idea could be developed into a more rounded commercial offering to be used more widely in Worcester as well as in other cities in the UK and internationally.

We believe this to be the first service of its type."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Citi Logik Limited, LEIGHTON BUZZARD £227,361 £ 159,153


Transport Systems Catapult £52,754 £ 52,754
Hull County Council, Hull £9,145 £ 9,145


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