Black Soldier Fly Larvae: Urban, Local, Bio-Conversion Unit

Lead Participant: Inspro Ltd


"* To capture, bio-convert and utilise urban food waste.

This project addresses a number of issues; developing a novel manufacturing system for a new source of protein, reduction of food waste and increased productivity from this waste.

This project will enable a fundamental change in food waste utilisation and food production by bringing it into the local urban environment where users can re-connect with environmentally responsible waste management and food production.

* This project seeks to develop cutting edge technology to develop small scale insect farms which can use urban food waste to grow BSFL to provide a protein source for fish and (subject to legislation) animal feed. These numerous, small scale farms will take current technology employed on a much larger scale and innovate it, to fit into a Bio-Conversion Units (BCU) which can be placed in urban settings to deal with small scale local food waste, currently destined for land fill or anaerobic digestion."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Inspro Ltd, Nottingham £69,531 £ 48,672


University of Lincoln, United Kingdom £28,595 £ 28,595


10 25 50