Applying AI to storytelling - bringing computational research into creative industries

Lead Participant: TO PLAY FOR LIMITED


"Charisma.AI is an interactive media platform that allows writers to create interactive stories and characters that audiences can talk to and immerse themselves in.

This project is an exciting fusion of creative writing and artificial intelligence to help writers create new forms of dynamic, interactive stories. It specifically aims to understand what the impact of artificially-intelligent memory is on storytelling and narrative structure, and how to transfer the resulting research into industry.

The project is being developed by To Play For, a pioneer in interactive storytelling, and a cross-disciplinary team at King's College London covering digital humanities, culture and software engineering. Together these two teams will undertake the research and development required to interrogate the complexity of memory as a concept in interactive storytelling and the impact that this can have on the story experience. The partnership will leverage To Play For's interactive storytelling technology, Charisma.AI, as a research tool and commercialisation platform.

This major new innovation will open up opportunities for creative industries across all media who are interested in harnessing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence for their craft in writing stories. It will act as both a tutorial and an accelerator for new creative processes, opening up new publishing opportunities, jobs and revenue streams, keeping the UK at the forefront of established and newly emerging creative industries."

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