Feasibility project to dramatically extend 1st life via next generation battery management systems

Lead Participant: DEREGALLERA LTD


"Growing adoption of electric vehicles in the automotive industry has led to surge in demand for high output batteries. The power profile of typical EV use is harmful to the electrochemical process of any battery. Hybridisation of high power-density supercapacitors with high energy density batteries has been shown to dramatically prolong battery life, by shielding the battery from the majority of small charge/discharge cycles.

In this project, Deregallera will partner with the University of South Wales, and the University of Hertfordshire to develop a feasibility demonstrator system, which will be tested with input from industry stakeholders.

The University of Hertfordshire - Automotive Engineering group offers a focus on innovative technologies associated with the alternative propulsion technologies such as fuel cell technology and electric vehicles. They also provide expertise in automotive design, vehicle dynamics and engine testing and mapping. Collectively the group has extensive experience in the automotive and motor-sport sectors.

The Centre for Automotive and Power Systems Engineering (CAPSE), based at the University of South Wales, has a wide range of testing/evaluations using their EV Energy Storage and Drive train R&D Facilities, which include battery, ultra-capacitor, fuel cell, fly wheel and other energy storage technologies. This facility has over one mega-watt of testing capacity and houses Wales's only 4 wheel drive direct hub dynamic chassis rolling road system."


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