A holistic battery design tool: From materials to packs (MAT2BAT)

Lead Participant: Granta Design Limited


"Battery pack designs vary significantly depending on applications and requires careful consideration of the selection of suitable cells as well as materials to make packs such as housings and coolant systems. The increasing diversity of cell chemistries and the already expansive material selection choices for structural components, means that the design space for battery packs is extremely broad. There are several computation tools which aid detailed design of battery packs, however, there are seldom tools which have a holistic view of the battery pack design process from chemistry selection to pack design. The MAT2BAT project will combine Granta's experience of developing material selection design tools with Imperial College London's and Denchi Power's battery knowledge to develop a holistic design tool to explore a growing design space to enable innovative designs.

In a time when there is a lack of skilled battery engineers, the MAT2BAT tool will aid in the accelerated development programmes of battery packs for both students and non-battery engineers alike to fill the skills gap."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Granta Design Limited, Cambridge £118,415 £ 71,049


Imperial College London, United Kingdom £139,904 £ 139,904
Denchi Power Limited, LONDON £69,518 £ 48,663


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