Goonhilly Earth Station: Space on Earth


"What's it like to work in space? How can we get a better understanding of working in an alien environment? What can we learn about the human body through an experience of working in space, providing a sense of the connections and impacts between the physical and the physics of space?

Through a collaboration between Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd and the Games Academy at Falmouth University, this feasibility study tests out the capacity of immersive technology to create a space simulator that provides a visceral experience of being in space and in so doing helps communicate the fragility of our own planet and our place in the universe. Our project will explore design, technical, communication capacities of immersive experiences in a museum and industrial context.

It will also consider delivery in a deeply rural setting -- at an iconic location in the history of space and satellite communications at the far South West of Cornwall.

We will be working to test out new ways of connecting with history and technology, and involving people in that journey of exploration. Whether someone is deeply interested in technology, has an interest in history and the environment, are on holiday or live locally, young or old and with or without any access issues - we will be involving a wide range of audience in this feasibility study."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Goonhilly Earth Station Limited, Helston £41,283 £ 28,898


Falmouth University, United Kingdom £14,393 £ 14,393


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