BankEnergi - Providing local energy systems for the London South Bank community

Lead Participant: Consortio Limited


"The vision is to create a energy marketplace in the South Bank area with the desired outcome being socio-economic and environmental benefits. Specifically, there are under-exploited opportunities in micro-generation (including storage), demand side response, utilisation of heat networks and energy efficiency. New technologies will be central to our approach to reduce business risk and include energy storage, predictive algorithms and IoT sensors.

There are two main locations: Waterloo where stakeholder are drawn from members of the South Bank Employers Group (SBEG, an association of the major organisations in the South Bank and Waterloo dedicated to achieving the best possible experience for employees, residents and visitors to the area) and London Bridge.

The objective is to challenge the status quo and achieve disruption in an industry sector that has profited whilst at the same time not providing sufficient improvement in customer outcomes such as fuel poverty and air quality.

""Smart Buildings"" will help balance the local grid so that it is able to respond to shifts in local and national electricity demand and derive revenues. There is also the preparation of the coming transition to electric vehicles that will create new demand for energy supply. This is an opportunities to use vehicle batteries to improve the resilience of building energy supplies by deploying Smart Chargers which match supply and demand. By going ""off-grid"" using proven energy storage technology, this will improve security of supply as well as lower bills."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Consortio Limited, Berks £57,245 £ 40,072


London South Bank University, United Kingdom £27,967 £ 27,967
Qbots Energy Ltd £28,759 £ 20,131
Bouygues E&s Fm UK Limited, London £26,483 £ 13,242
South Bank Employers Group, London £6,880 £ 6,880
Building Sustainability Services Limited, Manchester £28,096 £ 14,048
King's College London, United Kingdom £13,440 £ 13,440


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