The Development of a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Micro-grid Management Platform

Lead Participant: Power Transition Ltd


"Our project demonstrates the production and consumption of renewable energy in three principal areas:

Enhanced efficiency of energy management at the local level

Improved urban living standards by the deployment of a secure, smart energy infrastructure

The ability to report non-financial and financial information derived from energy production and consumption in an integrated way.

Our business model encourages the evolution of business and technology through collaboration and integration with supporting systems. This will result in UK business growth in infrastructure systems and services. To support our business model our extended team includes strong ties to legal, insurance, security and finance advisory services.

This project will improve our business growth potential, creating significant technology and productivity gains, enabling further overseas exports of our product and services. This expansion will be supported through our partnership with NEC.

Our innovations significantly help solve the problems associated with power distribution flexibly by matching changing energy supply and demand profiles for the future. We will demonstrate these smart system solutions that integrate energy generation and demand primarily at the local level and at regional and r national scale by up-scaling.

We use storage and advanced power management systems to optimise multiple sources of energy supply and demand allowing flexible energy trading and improving efficiency. Our system delivers solutions that provide optimisation across energy vectors with outcomes that significantly improve energy affordability, security and emissions reduction.

The system also provides an urban living solution with hard and soft energy management systems. Our product is designed to be 'citizen-centered' and provide significant 'cities and citizens' benefits that are resilient, scalable and sustainable. The flow of information through our system allows the rollup of quantitative, data-centric information to respond to the UN SDG indicators (UN Sustainable Development Goals). The integrated information analysed and stored will permit the calculation of Natural Capital accounts according to UK, European and UN norms. The database of structured information will permit the analysis of, e.g. Investment Rates of Returns (IRR) of an internal carbon pricing projects and investments; and the gathering of information for and analysis of Environmental Profit and Loss accounts."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Power Transition Ltd £130,294 £ 91,206


Cardiff University, United Kingdom £48,991 £ 48,991
Electric Corby Cic, Corby £16,000 £ 11,200


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