GreenSCIES - Green Smart Community Integrated Energy Systems


"This project involves providing low cost, highly efficient smart energy systems for local communities. It builds upon a district scheme at Bunhill in Islington whereby heat from a London Underground ventilation shaft is used to provide heating for local residents - providing low cost and low carbon energy. This project considers a number of additional secondary energy sources which could be integrated into a smart grid. This includes heat from substations, sewers, supermarkets, canals, cable tunnels and data centres. The smart grid also includes battery storage and electric vehicle to grid points working with the electrical supply grid to make the most of intermittent renewable energy and ensure that consumers always get the best tariff.

The feasibility also investigates the business models and legal frameworks associated with the development and implementation of a complex smart system. It will work with key stakeholders in understanding views of end users and others in the supply chain.

It is anticipated that this innovative project will result in significant carbon emission savings and much lower energy costs for consumers. A successful feasibility study will identify the benefits for a range of users and lead to the design of a potential demonstration project."


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