Lead Participant: Zapinamo Limited


"The ideal solution to EV charging in public spaces will be able to fit around whatever street furniture is there already, have no impact on grid supply, be cheap to install and offer easy relocation in response to changing demand patterns. ZAPINAMO HUBZ is such a solution. It has the potential to fit elegantly around existing street furniture or into a corner of a car park bay, taking up minimum additional space. Each unit is interconnected with others via safe above ground trunking, meaning an EV driver can park anywhere in a ZAPINAMO HUBZ-equipped car park or on-street location. User interfaces will allow them to select a trickle charge, possibly with a delay to take advantage of off-peak pricing or pay premium for a rapid charge from ZAPINAMO HUBZ storage. Above ground trunking eliminates groundworks, making ZAPINAMO HUBZ rapid and inexpensive to install.

In this project, Zapinamo have formed a consortium with Gamma Solar Energy Ltd (Gamma) and Devon County Council (DCC). They will work together to better understand the particular challenges of EV use and charging around Devon, namely: current lack of chargepoints; an electricity grid with no spare capacity in the majority of locations; longer journeys than elsewhere due to dispersed population; need to preserve aesthetics of streetscapes; need to maintain pedestrian and vehicle access along streets that are often narrower than UK average.

ZAPINAMO will work to adapt HUBZ around these criteria, in close collaboration with DCC . They will also develop other uses for ZAPINAMO HUBZ, potentially as parcel storage/collection, advertising, traffic monitoring or crime prevention via CCTV. They will also further develop potential data based benefits to installers, operators, users and local retailers. These include energy cost reductions, user convenience features, efficacy of supply data and more. Gamma will own and operate infrastructure post-project. They will develop business models that maximise use of clean, local energy and develop flexible pricing models that will boost EV uptake.

With its modular design that fits virtually anywhere, easy installation, flexible operation and ability to provide EV charging with minimal grid impact, ZAPINAMO HUBZ, powered by Gamma's solar PV farms, complete the pathway of clean, local energy to clean vehicles."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Zapinamo Limited, LONDON £77,026 £ 53,918


Devon County Council £3,792 £ 3,792
Gamma Energy Limited, Exeter £34,762 £ 24,333


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