Electric vehicle charging for public spaces: feasibility studies

Lead Participant: Solisco Ltd


"The Smart Energy and Transportation Hub (SETCH) project brings together Solisco, the West Midlands Combined Authority, EVBox, Mennekes (Drivenergy), Energi Mine and Keele University to deliver Electric Vehicle (EV) charging hubs to the public at key locations such as Park & Ride carparks .

This project aims to change the way charging points have been deployed by creating an eco-system rather than the standalone charging posts implemented historically. We strongly believe that this combined infrastructure offering can make a real difference for the emerging EV revolution. The SETCH solar EV charging solution will incorporate a number innovative technologies, systems and approaches:

-Solar PV canopies and battery storage technologies that deliver renewable energy for EV charging at all times of day.

-Grid innovation through smart charging and connections enabling grid balancing services

-Creating new revenue streams such as car sharing club placement and advertising platforms

-Offering reward mechanisms to encourage EV uptake and promote clean energy recharging through blockchain technologies

The benefits of this technology are extensive and far reaching for EV users. For those who wish to commute into the city centre by train the hubs enable them to leave their EV to charge during the daylight hours which in turn reduces city centre congestion and promotes public transport. For local residents without off-street parking, the battery storage enables them to recharge their EVs using renewable energy during the night. This in turn will reduce strain on the local grid and increase the use of renewable energy for EV charging.

Standalone charging stations are typically distributed which makes them less visible to the public. The project will deliver visible EV charging infrastructure which in turn will encourage uptake of EVs by increasing confidence in the availability of public charging. This in turn will lead to an improvement to air quality particularly in urban centres where poor air quality is causing health problems.

The project will also aim to improve the economics of EV charging by offering EV users affordable charging and also enabling other revenue streams, particularly those which also promote sustainable low carbon transportation solutions such as car clubs. The charging hubs will also look to incorporate advertising platforms targeting EV and other low carbon transportation products."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Solisco Ltd, Telford £57,900 £ 40,530


Energi Mine Limited, Oldham £4,698 £ 3,288
Drivenergy Ltd, Truro £4,607 £ 3,225
West Midlands Combined Authority, Birmingham £4,600 £ 3,220
Ecuity Consulting LLP £32,523 £ 22,766
Keele University £9,271 £ 9,271


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