Intelligent enterprise Data Management platform for BATtery manufacturing - IDMBAT (or HESTIA)

Lead Participant: Granta Design Limited


Responding to the growing battery manufacturing market and significant technical challenges, IDMBAT will address a substantial gap in the market by developing software solutions for battery manufacturers to reduce fabrication and development costs while improving key batteries metrics. This will be achieved by combining the proven benefits of a systematic, enterprise approach to materials information, with new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for predicting optimum process parameters from complex interdependencies.

The consortium is led by Granta Design (Granta) , the world largest company and R&D organisation operating in the materials information technology market. University of Birmingham (UB, Prof. Emma Kendrick) brings in battery technical leadership and will host a small-scale manufacturing facility to generate data. Intellegens (INT), a fast-growing micro SME, will develop cutting edge artificial intelligence algorithms for process parameter prediction.

The proposed feasibility study endeavours to:

-De-risk scaling up innovative technologies across the battery value chain (including cell materials and components, cells, modules and packs, manufacturing processes) by means of intelligent, systematic information management approach which reduces future costs of reproducibility by ensuring full traceability and enables predictions and comparisons;

-Remove technical and commercial barriers to cell manufacture in the UK (advancement in battery metrics, reduced costs of trials and experimentation, reduce use of materials resources);

-Support the overall goal of the Faraday Battery Challenge to make the UK the go-to place for the research, development, scale up and industrialisation of cutting-edge battery technology by building upon existing UK industrial and academic leadership.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Granta Design Limited, Cambridge £242,606 £ 145,564


Intellegens Limited, Cambridge £107,656 £ 75,359
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom £148,325 £ 148,325


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