Advanced metamaterials for sodium-ion battery anodes – a scalability and economic feasibility study

Lead Participant: Deregallera Ltd


The cost of lithium-ion batteries is set to rise substantially in the near future, due to limited availability of lithium and the growing furore over "African blood Cobalt", a key material of automotive LIB. Sodium-ion batteries are a viable alternative but suffer from larger size and weight. This high risk feasibility study seeks to address this by investigating the potential of novel _metamaterial-carbon composites_ as high energy density, highly cyclable sodium-ion battery anodes to manufacture sodium-ion batteries with no significant energy density loss compared to lithium-ion batteries. We will theoretically screen 100,000+ metamaterials for suitability, and synthesise the most promising ones in nanostructured carbon-composite particles.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Deregallera Ltd £308,190 £ 215,732


University of Southampton, United Kingdom £128,954 £ 128,954


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