PNT Cyber Attack Resilience, a Lab2Live Observer Based Approach



The challenge the UK faces is how to deliver, rapidly and competitively, the economical, societal, and environmental benefits that Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) have to offer. Through Zenzic, Government and industry have committed to develop a coordinated national platform of CAV testing infrastructure. These facilities are at the heart of testing, development and validation of safe and secure products and services, forecasted to impact the UK's economy to a total of £62 billion in annual economic benefits by 2030.

In this project, Spirent Communications Plc, an innovative manufacturer of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) assurance products and services based in Paignton, UK, aims to demonstrate and determine the feasibility of a new observer based technique to 'attack' and test CAV PNT-related functions in both controlled and real-world scenarios. Being hosted at WMG at the University of Warwick, the UK's academic authority on CAV, those scenarios will highlight the need for cyber-resilience tests on CAV PNT to be included in the cyber-security component of any existing or new, soon to be defined, CAV test facility. Spirent and WMG will host a range of roundtables comprised of experts from the CAV, PNT and cyber-security fields to assist Zenzic and the Government cyber-security services in defining the ideal characteristics of cyber-security testing of CAVs. As best as practically possible for a feasibility study, these recommendations will then be taken forward by an existing WMG-led Zenzic testbed, where controlled and real world PNT 'attacks' on a CAV will be performed. The results of the 'attack' will yield a change in the behaviour of the CAV, which can be related to the level of resilience it has to offer to the user, the transport network, and the wider public or society in general. Throughout the project, all opportunities will be explored to develop new cyber-security related services in the UK and for export into the global CAV markets related to PNT and cyber-security.

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