ResiCAV - Resilient CAV

Lead Participant: Horiba Mira Limited


CAVs and the infrastructure within which they operate form a highly complex super-system. In addition to operating reliably and safely, this system must be resilient in the face of cyber threats.

International automotive cybersecurity standards (ISO/SAE 21434) and regulations (UNECE) are under development, which will specify requirements for cybersecurity throughout the vehicle lifecycle. However, while methods for cybersecurity engineering during development are maturing, rigorous methods to enable CAVs to be resilient in operation are at a much lower level of maturity.

There is significant risk of catastrophic failure moving from CAV demonstrations to mass deployment if new methods are not developed to detect, understand and react to emerging threats.

ResiCAV will respond to this challenge, building on the partners' preliminary groundwork to inform new operational requirements for resilience, assess their feasibility and identify further work to develop and operationalise them.

ResiCAV will:

explore the feasibility of the draft AESIN/UK Auto Council Cyber Resilience (CyRes) methodology by taking tools and techniques applied to static analysis of systems and applying them dynamically for real time monitoring/response and numerising and measuring the detect, monitor, act process so resilience will meet legal requirements expected of CAV systems;
develop requirements for a cybersecurity operations centre and end-to-end monitoring/response processes and extending the application of AI and data visualisation techniques. These will be aligned with emerging requirements in international standards and will be specified to supplement elements of the new operating methodology as they mature;
create specifications for new cybersecurity test facilities, including links, extensions and upgrades to existing UK CAV testbeds to support the development, verification and operationalisation of CyRes;
specify requirements for a Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence and distributed ecosystem to leverage UK capabilities in CyRes and validate and deliver the operations methodology. This will build on work already supported by Innovate UK and will include recommendations for the adaptation of assurance and certification schemes such as 5StarS and UNECE regulations to operational CyRes.
ResiCAV combines cross-sector expertise from automotive, cybersecurity, network operations, high performance computing, electronics hardware, and AI providing a solid intellectual foundation to address the technical and economic feasibility of achieving globally significant CyRes for CAVs throughout their operational lifetime.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

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Horiba Mira Limited, Nuneaton £148,044 £ 74,022


Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford £5,012 £ 5,012
University of Warwick, United Kingdom £58,426 £ 58,426
Thales UK Limited £308,348 £ 154,174
British Telecommunications Public Limited Company, London £59,034 £ 29,517
Techworkshub Ltd., LIVINGSTON £20,539 £ 14,377
Cfms Services Limited, BRISTOL £19,890 £ 19,890


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