Unity House


Unity House is a collaboration between the multi-award winning developer Urban Splash and
the University of Northampton to deliver a new community for those living with and caring for
those with dementia.
The collaboration will bring the latest advancements in modular house building and great
placemaking alongside the living lab approach. The partnership will engage academic, health,
housing, tech and community expertise into the design of the home, placemaking, local
environment and services available through being part of campus life. The aim is to test and
scale new innovations that deliver age-friendly homes and services that can be replicated by
others across the UK, taking the best of interventions, design and frameworks from across
Europe and applying a model that works within our regulations, frameworks and spaces in the
UK. The support of the Innovation Funding Service is to help establish the early stage
partnerships, product design and to position the partnership to scale to a real test site of
homes and services, before a full-scale development is delivered.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Urban Splash Management Limited £94,548 £ 47,274


University of Northampton, Northampton £29,227 £ 29,227


10 25 50