electroFLUX: Electronics cooling enhancement using micro and nanostructures



Oxford nanoSystems Ltd (OnS) is a high-tech start-up that has developed a unique coating technology to improve the efficiency of heat transfer. OnS was founded in 2012 and has spent the past 6 years developing nanoFLUX -- a nano-coating which dramatically improves the efficiency of two-phase heat-exchangers such as evaporators. Up to now, OnS has focused on the air conditioning and refrigeration markets, whose primary benchmark is to reduce the evaporator size to save environmentally damaging refrigerants and reduce production costs.

The world-wide thermal management market is huge (\> 9.6 B$) and of key interest to OnS. Looking into future applications Oxford nanoSystems acknowledges the EU's drive for higher energy efficiency in data centres. One of the largest problems is the inefficiency of the cooling system. Improving these cooling systems, for example in data centres or in electric cars is a clear target when it comes to reaching the new climate goals as reaffirmed by the Katowice Climate Conference 2018\.

In this project Oxford nanoSystems will study their newly developed microFLUX technology to develop a fully functional electronic cooling unit. With microFLUX, OnS has the unique opportunity to develop a hyper-effective system that will revolutionize the high powered electronics cooling markets.

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OXFORD NANOSYSTEMS LTD £495,912 £ 347,138




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