TrueInvivo solution to improve cancer servival rate

Lead Participant: Trueinvivo Limited


Current radiotherapy treatments for cancer use beams of radiation to kill the actual tumour cells and try to miss the healthy surrounding cells and organs. However, the beams are invisible and very often damage does occur. Many radiotherapy centres use a pattern of tiny beams to closely match the shape of the target tumour but it is hugely difficult to know what radiation hits where. In a typical treatment of 20 sessions clinicians want to know quickly if the radiation is hitting anything it should not. TrueInvivo has developed small re-useable strings of tiny calibrated silica beads to measure received radiation. The silica beads can be used on the skin but crucially, as they are safe inert material, they can be used inside the body much closer to the tumour. After treatment, the beads can be scanned by an automated reader to provide accurate measurements of the levels and spread of the received radiation. The patient’s treatment can then be adjusted accordingly. With our bead arrays and automated readers, radiotherapy teams worldwide will be able to adjust treatments or environments far more quickly, will be able to reduce damage to potentially millions of people and will be able to extend countless more lives.

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